Brendan O’Connor

1920 Stevely Ave.


Long Beach, CA 90815

(562) 310-4431



Flintlock                                  Writer, Director                                    CSULB

The Reckoning                                    Assistant Director                                 CSULB

La Gloria                                Assistant Director                                 CSULB

            * Screened at CSULB film showcase

Blind Date                               Writer, Producer, Director                    CSULB

Sweet Dreams                         Sound Designer                                    CSULB

            * Screened at CSULB film showcase

In the Name of                                    Cinematographer                                  CSULB

Love Spell                               Production Assistant                             On the Fly Ent.

Kickin’ it Old School               Camera Assistant                                  On the Fly Ent. in

                                                                                                            assoc. with MTV



Presentation Services Long Beach, CA                                          7/04 –


    * Gained extensive knowledge on a vast majority of A/V equipment

    * Worked closely with people from other departments

    * Sold our services to potential clients

On the Fly Entertainment                                                                  8/3/03 – 8/10/03

Production Assistant

    * Learned of the workings of a fast-paced production work environment

    * Ran errands and drove an industrial van around

    * Worked tightly with a team to accomplish a common task

Comp USA - Long Beach, CA                                                            2/03 –  8/03    

Sales Associate / Certified Product Specialist

    * Gained a keen knowledge of the product line and sold based on this             

    * Developed interpersonal skills with a variety of different potential buyers

    * Made sure the floor is organized and tidy                      

On the Fly Entertainment in assoc. with MTV Networks                 1/22/03 – 1/27/03

Camera Assistant

    * Learned of the workings of a fast-paced production work environment

    * Studied closely and learned duties of both cinematographer and cameraman

    * Captured and logged dozens of hours of footage on Avid DV Express

    * Worked tightly with a team to accomplish a common task

CSULB Housing & Residential Life - Long Beach, CA                   8/00 - 5/02

Resident Assistant (RA)

    * Organized, budgeted, pitched, and ran 4 successful off-campus resident activities

    * Handled and disciplined difficult residents

    * Worked in reception office answering phones, helping residents, and doing mail

California Musical Theatre: Music Circus - Sacramento, CA         7/30/01 - 8/19/01

Actor                                                                                                   6/25/00 - 7/16/00

    * Worked with such broadway directors as Glen Casale and John DeLuca

    * Developed a strong work ethic while under pressure

    * Experienced the workings of a director, choreographer, and casting director first-hand





California State University, Long Beach

* Graduated with a degree in Film Production and completed production on pirate film entitled Flintlock.



Eagle Scout

Awards for performance in musical theatre

Studied Screenwriting with Emmy Award winning writer Michael Berlin



I am proficient with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Budgeting, and Scheduling.  I have also had some experience with Final Cut Pro, Avid DV Express, and Pro Tools. 50 WPM.